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Hey there, So nice to meet you. I'm Allie.

I specialize in curly cuts, eye lash extensions, tints & lifts, and all things brows. 

Allie is our resident decorator for any and every holiday - bonus points if she gets to dress up. Check out her latest design in her room while getting a new set of lashes, fresh tint or just shaping those brows. 

"My favorite part about being a lash artist is being able to boost my clients confidence while making their everyday life easier.

The ability to customize a service to my guest, their lifestyle and overall look is such an accomplishment. when you're in my chair, sit back, relax and enjoy a lash nap."

I have a passion for trying new things. Since becoming a stylist I have tried just about everything. When I realized that my passion was in lashes, brows and textured hair it was incredibly enlightening and fulfilling. 

I am always onto the next adventure, from hiking trips with my friends, learning how to live off the land, doing a little yoga with a goat friend or two, or traveling with my family on our many adventures each year. With a vanilla chia latte in hand and one of my many fancy water cups, I can conquer the world. 

So whether you are low maintenance or have a flair for the dramatic, I can't wait to help you achieve the lashes of your dreams, the brows you long for, or unlocking the absolute beauty of your natural curls.

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