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Haircut & Style

Each haircut we create is formulated with a few key ingredients - your favorite inspirations, what suits your natural hair texture & face shape, as well as your desired maintenance level.

All of our haircuts include a consultation and explanation of what products will work to help you achieve this look moving forward.

Listed below are the artists that offer haircuts and their pricing. 
Sammy's Pricing 

Express Haircut - 

perfect for quick trims, no shampoo or blow-dry included. We ask that you have clean dry hair and no ponytails/braids or buns for this appointment. 
Carly's Pricing 

Haircut & Blowdry -

This cut includes a luxurious shampoo, and finishes with a blowdry and iron-work style. 

Clipper Cut-

For any cut that 50% or more is done using clippers, includes a style. 

Kids Cut *-

For kids 12 and under, does not include a wash or blowdry but does include light styling. 
*kids 12 and under
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