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Hey there, So nice to meet you. I'm Erin.

I specialize in nail extensions, hard gel, hand sculpted nails and expanding nail art.

Erin is our salon green haired swamp witch (a term she often jokes about). She loves to combine wearable artwork with freedom of expression for all of her nail guests. 

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" I love educating each client on the how and whys of nail health and the services I chose to provide.

Working with each guest to find their personal style and how to express that through healthy and well maintained nails is always my mission"

I worked in child care for most of my life but once my kids were older I decided to pursue a long held dream and go to nail school. I enrolled in January 2020 and attended school during the pandemic. This was nothing short of an adventure, but nothing could stop me once I set my mind to it.


I really enjoy helping my community grow and learning about our ever changing society and how to be the best humans possible. Even though my kids are both older we often times play a video game with them or enjoy family DND night. 


Volunteering and serving on a few non-profit boards have taught me that everyone has a different story and path. Sitting at my nail table is an opportunity to explore who you are during each service. From a classic french manicure to the extra long extensions with hand painted nail art, the options are endless.

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